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Funding Programs

SBA Loan

SBA loan is a small business loan that is partially guaranteed by the government (the Small Business Administration), which eliminates some of the risk for the financial institution who is issuing the loan.

Term Loan

Unsecured Term Loans give business owners the quick access to the cash they are looking for. Term Loans are funded in a lump sum of cash with set interest rates and monthly payments. 

Revenue Financing

Revenue financing is based on the amount and number of deposits your business generates on a monthly basis. Revenue Financing can be structured 6-18 month terms in a cash loan or line of credit.

Equipment Finance

Equipment financing helps business owners purchase the equipment they need which is to expensive to purchase at once. 

Start-up Loans

Startup loans offer a financing solution to business owners who are just getting started. Startup loans leverage the business owner's credit to fund their business.

Corporate Credit

Corporate Credit is great for business owners who are just getting started. This program allow businesses to have access to capital even before generating revenue, 

Cash-out Refinance

Take advantage of lower finance rates by securing a business loan with collateral. Properties can be residential or commercial. 


Line Of Credit

Lines of credit give business owners peace of mind with an ability of funds, while only paying for what they use.