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Qualifying for Trustart

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Tailored Lending Solutions for all segments of the supply chain.
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Funding Programs

Working Capital

Short-term working capital loans allow cannabis operators to access funding in 24 hours. 

Working capital loans range from 6-24 months and shorter terms reduce cost of capital.

Equipment Finance

Finance the purchase of Cultivation Equipment, Processing Equipment, Packaging Equipment, Lab Testing Equipment, Retail Equipment, and more.

Inventory Financing

Inventory financing helps cannabis businesses purchase large quantities of inventory through COD helping reduce unit prices at scale. Use inventory financing to buy bulk for all segments of the supply chain.

Line of Credit

A line of Credit gives operators the most flexibility. Get approved for a line of credit based on your sales and only use the funds when you need them.

Invoice & P.O. Financing

Invoice & Purchase Order Financing lets cannabis businesses smooth out cash flow. Get net 30, 60, 90, and 120-day accounts paid today. Advance your invoices and get cash today or fund future purchase orders. 

Start-Up Loans

Startup loans offer a financing solution to cannabis business owners who are just getting started. Startup loans leverage the business owner's credit to fund their business.

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