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A Company Driven By Purpose And People

As the first business funding Benefit Corporation, TruStart Financial values social impact and the power of good. Our values are built on a foundation of treating our clients and their businesses like our own. We believe small businesses are the core of our economy and business owners should have resources to grow through creative funding programs. Every business we fund allocates a portion of revenue towards charitable organizations and social impact.  


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Our team has the experience to give our business owners the fastest and most pleasant funding experience. As a benefit corporation our team values that working for a benefit corporation is not only how you conduct business, it's how you do everything. 

Our core Values

Trustart's foundation is built upon doing the right thing. As the world's first business funding Benefit Corporation, Trustart believes it's not just about the good things you do for people it's about how you do everything. A Benefit Corporation is conscious of the environment, people, and social impact. These core values have helped us grow year after year.