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How To Fund A Cannabis Start-Up

So... you have decided to get involved with the "Green Rush"

We at Trustart Financial applaud you for doing so given the tremendous growth potential in this industry.

We also know that your funding options are very limited when it comes to funding your cannabis business but why? Due to federal regulations, lending institutions are not able to provide funding to your cannabis business.

So where does that leave you as the business owner?

Outside of private investors, obtaining funding is nearly impossible.

But... there is great news for you here at Trustart Financial.

Given our creative ability in financing we have found a loop hole that will allow you as a Ganjapreneur to get up to 300k in funding in as little as 3 days.

The great news is you do not need to provide a business plan, a Profit and Loss statement, or any other tedious documentation.

Here's how it works:

This funding program is based on personal finances, since we are not able to directly lend to your cannabis business this is how we are able to maneuver around regulations. This funding program is based on your personal credit profile and personal taxable income. Until regulations become more lenient this is by far the best option available to you outside of private investors.


- 680 Fico required.

- $45K in net personal taxable income.

- No Bankruptcies.

- Less than 50% Debt to Income Ratio

Rates and Terms:

- 3.9 - 12.9% Interest rate.

- 5 to 7 year term.

- No Pre-Payment penalties.

- Personal credit reporting loan

- Liquid cash loan on simple interest payments.


Our funding process is simple. To get a funding Pre-Approval from Trustart Financial we request our clients to send in two years of personal tax returns along with their updated Tri-Merge credit report which can be obtained from for $1. Once our underwriting department has received your financials we will give you a Pre-Approval funding amount.

Once you have approved the funding amount our funding process takes 5-7 business days and some clients are even approved and funded in as little as 72 hours.

Contact us today for a Pre-Approval or fill out our Same day approval form here.

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